In December 2004 while my father, an architect, was undergoing cancer treatment in Al Ain, UAE, he made pencil corrections to CAD drawings of a house that he had been working on. His ordinarily sharp lines were now muddled due to his weakened hands, his pencil marks looked more like a destructive effacement rather than a series of corrections.

The Collapsing Foundations project is based on these three CAD drawings, and is an attempt to decode the instructions scribbled down on them by the architect. This exercise is meant to help in determining whether or not a tombstone could be built for my father’s unmarked grave in Dekwané in Lebanon.

TheWolf at Your Doorstep

is a multimedia lecture performance, which uses as its starting point a discussion about a model of a house destroyed by its architect, the artist’s father. Using archival material, conversation transcripts, and artwork documentation to attempt a reconstitution of the architect’s biography, the work unfolds as a structural collapse. The decomposition of the house is layered with that of the architect’s body and subjectivity, as well as that of language itself.